Can you think of any resources that would be helpful to getting out the vote? Please let us know.

Absentee Ballots

The easiest way to be sure you vote is to get an absentee ballot. You just call the city clerk’s office: 802-865-7000, M-F 8-4:30pm. Ask them to send you a ballot in the mail. You’ll get it in just a day or two! It comes with a return envelope. Just fill it our in the comfort of wherever, put it into the envelope that has a place for you to sign, put that envelope into the sending envelope, and send or drop it by the city hall. Very easy and you can do it weeks ahead and be done with it.

I also like that you have plenty of time to look over the ballot and understand exactly what you’re voting for.

You can also fill out the online Request Form. But, I find it easiest to just call.

What, you say you really love waiting in line at the polls? Well great! See if there’s someone who needs a ride. Or see if you can volunteer to help.

Register to Vote

Not registered? No problem. Go to¬† and register online. Don’t wait! Do it right away and be done with it.